後來用 Process Explorer 去看他的thread ..
有一個 WINMM.DLL!timeGetSystemTime+0x44的東西
當我把它 suspended 後,音樂就停了..

後來查了一下 winmm.dll果然就是撥音樂用的dll

Author: Burt Abreu
Date: December 20, 1997

Description: We explore the WINMM multimedia dll for 32 bit windows; we'll see the associated functions declare statements, explain what the parameters mean and show you how to use it with some simple samples. Remember, we'll be covering this at a level for beginner's; there may be other things you'll want to explore at sites geared to more advanced programers.

The Windows 95 Multimedia System consists of low-level and high-level functions. There are a lot more low-level functions than high-level. They allow you to access the device drivers directly and do some other things which the high-level functions cannot; on the downside they require a lot more programming and are more complex. The high-level functions handle some of the more common multimedia tasks and hide the complexity of the low-level interface by sending messages to it and allowing it to perform its wizardry unseen. Sort of the way that Visual Basic is able to hide some of the complexity of the underlying API from us much of the time. For the purposes of our beginners tutorials we will be dealing mostly with the high-level interface. Note: Not all of the multimedia functions live in winmm.dll.
Controls needed: N/A
Level: All Levels.